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Celebrate Your Birthday with Us

The Ultimate Birthday Party Experience

  • Studio set up & clean up

  • Instructor-lead dancing, games, & crafts

  • Custom playlist for the birthday girl

  • Paper products

  • Goodie bags

  • Custom party themes available


Contact us via email, text, or phone

1.5 Hour party with up to 15 guests

  • add 30 minutes: $50.00

  • add custom balloon tower: $50.00

  • add guest: $20.00/guest

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Birthday Party Themes

Let's Party

Gather all your friends for a delightful time of cuddly fun as you adopt your very own Twinkle Bear with a cute tutu dress. Watch the magic happen as we create a personalized adoption certificate for your furry friend. Arrive in our beautifully decorated dance studio, where we’ll dive into some awesome games. Don’t forget to swing by our store and fill your goodie bag with loads of loot! Get ready for dancing and exciting games. *($15.00 per guest for the bear & dress)

The Perfect Princess Party

Step into our enchanting studio dressed as your favorite princess. Each Princess will be treated to a regal coronation, complete with a magical wand and a sparkling crown fit for royalty. After the grand entrance, it’s off to the royal boutique where you’ll get to pick out fabulous prizes. Enjoy an epic party filled with dancing, games, crafts and more that will make this fairytale adventure the stuff of legends!

Rock Star

Rock stars, get ready for the most epic karaoke extravaganza of your life! Glide into our "Salon" for some seriously stylish hair and make up magic, then dive into our treasure trove of rockin costumes to pick your ultimate stage persona and unleash your inner music legend with a microphone in hand. Swing by our party store and load up your swag bag before you take on a night filled with dance-offs, games, and crafts. Let’s turn up the volume and rock this party!

Before the Slumber

Get ready for a fantastic time in your comfiest PJs! Bring along your pillow and sleeping bag for the ultimate party. We’ll braid each other’s hair, make cool friendship bracelets, and give ourselves some nail-painting pizzazz. And, of course, we can’t forget about the popcorn and your all-time favorite movie for a cozy movie night. There will be fun games, singing and lots of dancing.

Additional Party Themes

  • Barbie & Ken

  • Unicorn Pop

  • Frozen Wonderland

  • American Girl Doll

  • Taylor Swift

    • And More...

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