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Get GKS On Demand
Our Virtual Studio is NOW accessible!


Here is how it works:

1. Follow the class link sent to you in the Grace Kelly Studio email. Feel free to contact us if you can't locate your class link.

If you already have a Twinkle Star account, click the link sent to you in the Grace Kelly Studio email and simply log in for your class to appear.

2. Create your own Twinkle Star account.

3. Once you create your account and log in, it will prompt you to “click here” to view class videos.” In order to associate with a class.

4. Click purchase on each video you wish to select (videos will gloss over white when selected) and then click the buy videos button (NOTE: There will NOT be a charge associated with any of the classes or videos).

5. After selecting your videos, choose “confirm order”.

6. Enjoy streaming your class videos on your Twinkle Star Dance Dashboard!

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